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Video Camera
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Branding is all about publishing consistent messages that your target audience associates with your company. Your logos and themes will be delivered more effectively through visual representations, especially video.


A few facts:


  • Your target audience is more likely to watch an entire video as compared to reading through text. 

  • 45.4% of internet users watch at least one video and 100 million watch one every day and 80% of them recall the material from a video up to 30 days after viewing. 

  • People who watch a video on a product are 64% more likely to make a purchase when compared to those who do not view.

  • People stay on a site that features video for an average of two minutes longer than pages without it. 

  • When your viewers see something entertaining or useful, they will want to share it with world. 700-plus YouTube videos are shared on Twitter alone every 60 seconds.


SVS is a full-service production house, offering both filming and editing services. We can produce engaging content on-time and, most importantly, on budget. Considering the benefits it delivers, video is well worth your investment!

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